“Forbes Leader” interviews Beatrice Trussardi: Fondazione Nicola Trussardi focused on the contemporaneity of art

Beatrice Trussardi is one of the 100 women selected by Forbes as examples of personalities who have succeeded not only professionally, but also in their personal lives. Beatrice Trussardi’s success is due to her devotion and passion for art which she has been carrying out since 1999 as President of Fondazione Nicola Trussardi. In a recent video interview with ”Forbes Leader’, the cultural entrepreneur said that her goal has remained the same: “Bringing contemporary art not just to an expert audience”.
The interview which aired on “Sky” is now available on “bfcvideo.com” website. It focuses on Beatrice Trussardi’s vision who wondered how to evolve the cultural promotion already started by her father: the idea of an “itinerant museum”, which came from her experience in America, refers to an exhibition without a permanent location, but able to take advantage of the historical and inaccessible places of the city creating a new combination of ancient and modern. “After meeting Massimiliano Gioni, the Art Director and Curator since 2003, we chose a new path to become an institution that produces and promotes public art”.

There are few institutions in the world which have adopted this approach: involving all the citizens in order to create artworks that make us reflect on contemporary issues. According to Beatrice Trussardi, there are many advantages: there is no fixed schedule, but not even a place that must be filled. “We are flexible, fast and able to react promptly to what happens in the world, seizing the urgent social and cultural issues with the aim of reinterpreting them through contemporary art. Fondazione Nicola Trussardi allows people to gain a different way of thinking which is suggested by our projects”.
After choosing the historical place to be enhanced, an artist is commissioned to work on the site which is then used for other events and cultural initiatives. This way, it will regain the historical value and a strong symbolical meaning for the city and the citizens who live this experience. Fondazione Nicola Trussardi usually produces ambitious and provocative artworks which affect the viewers and make them think about important issues. Beatrice Trussardi does not comment on projects planned for next spring in order to allow audience to wonder and being curiosity to discover a new artwork in the heart of its own city.

Watch the full interview here: