Beatrice Trussardi, curator for Yoox, highlights how art and fashion are increasingly closer and accessible

Fashion and art have been feeding on each other for centuries. They are interdependent aesthetic forms and both effective in expressing creativity. Beatrice Trussardi, already president of the Fondazione Nicola Trussardi, talked about this recently in interviews with “Elle Russia” and “Harper Bazaar Russia” magazines, focusing in particular on her experience as curator of “Design + Art” section for the Yoox online platform.

“Nowadays, the web and social networks have made everything that is attributable to the universe of luxury easily accessible. This is also happening to the art world. I think it’s a huge chance to make art more democratic and affordable for everyone”: the aim of the “Design + Art” project is to give the platform customers the opportunity to identify and cultivate their passions and “become collectors, without obstacles or intermediaries”.

“Usually, there is a certain distance between people and artworks in galleries – observes Beatrice Trussardi – We never know what we can actually buy and how we should do it. With Yoox there are no limits, since you can access all the information about the desired artwork and buy it easily”. Therefore, the new section also wants to send a signal that art is no longer something distant from us, but it becomes a new source of inspiration.

Moreover, as Beatrice Trussardi explains, art and fashion have always stimulated each other: “Designers have sought inspiration in art but also collaborating with artists since the beginning of the last century. Nowadays, we see more and more artists eager to cooperate with brands, trying make something special that can influence different worlds and languages in order to speak to an ever-wider audience”.