“La Stampa” interview with Beatrice Trussardi, the soul of Fondazione Trussardi

“It’s better let the audience stumble into artworks than shut it in a museum”: this is the intuition that Beatrice Trussardi had sixteen years ago when she decided to bring Fondazione Nicola Trussardi to the unexplored places of Milan. As the cultural entrepreneur explained in an interview with “La Stampa”, ”We are able to be flexible and fast. We can rely on the surprise effect and current ideas”.’ It is therefore a new way of exploiting itinerant art which allows to have more freedom in conceiving and realizing projects.

The last project presented by Fondazione is “A friend”. The Ghanaian artist Ibrahim Mahama wrapped the tollgates of Porta Venezia with jute sacks which became a monument to exchange between cultures for twelve days. This created an intense debate, but in this way “Ibrahim Mahama has hit the mark”. As Beatrice Trussardi said: “The friend who gives the title to his work comes from afar and we may not even like him at all”. The cultural entrepreneur has been working for years in synergy with the Artistic Director Massimiliano Gioni. The idea behind every new project always spring from the places: “So it was with Porta Venezia which we had been monitoring for some time. It was necessary to find the right moment and appropriate function for the site. The idea of the commercial exchange led the curator to choose Ibrahim Mahama”.

We can always encounter some difficulties, especially bureaucratic ones, but the local institutions support the activities of Fondazione: “Our intervention remedied situations of degradation, as for Palazzo Dugnani and Palazzo Citterio”. The theme of migration is particularly felt by Beatrice Trussardi, who also serves on the Advisor Council of Fondazione Tent created by Hamdi Ulukaya: “He is an American visionary philanthropist, a former migrant from Turkey who employed many refugees and led his yogurt company to acquire strong growth levels which are worthy of Silicon Valley. Through Fondazione Tent, “he raises awareness of refugee employment among private companies all over the world. There are more than 120 US companies that signed the commitment”.

As “La Stampa” recalls, Beatrice Trussardi is the curator of “Design+Art” section on the e-commerce platform “Yoox”. Curiosity is the driving force for all these initiatives: “I’m curious about everything. I mostly read essays. At this time in particular, I prefer those about artificial intelligence. As regards the climate, we don’t have to worry about it because Greta is a current trend, but for the reason that it is the prime emergency, even before the migration”.