Fashion Network interviews Beatrice Trussardi: art and fashion are increasingly kindred souls

beatrice trussardi

In an interview with, Beatrice Trussardi talks about the close correlation between art, fashion and the new projects of Fondazione Nicola Trussardi. She has been leading the institution organizing events and art installations in Milan since 1999: “According to us, it is the most international city in Italy, with the most complete audience, but it also happens to make incursions elsewhere”. The artworks financed by the Foundation go back to the artists at the end of the exhibition and then be purchased by museum and collectors: “Our goal is to establish a dialogue between history and present and draw attention to often complex topics through projects that carry a message. We first choose the place on which we then ask an artist to intervene”. Working in this way allowed Fondazione Nicola Trussardi to realize about thirty projects in 16 years.

Since 2003, Beatrice Trussardi has chosen as artistic director Massimo Gioni, who also works at New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York. “Our wish was to talk about contemporary art with a real involvement in everyday life. So, we turned the Foundation into an artistic production agency with a nomadic approach which makes us flexible and responsive”. This is also clearly evident in the “A Friend” project that was realized for miart 2019. From 2 to 14 April, the tollgates of Porta Venezia will be wrapped with jute sacks sewn together: it is an installation created by the Ghanaian artist Ibrahim Mahama, which pushes us to reflect on migration and circulation of objects and people. These are particularly current issues. Beatrice Trussardi has been the curator of the Design+Art section of the Yoox e-commerce platform since 2018 “A year and a half ago Federico Marchetti, Yoox Net-A-Porter CEO, contacted me for help redesigning and leading this section. I deal with its images and contents. I handle the catalogue of proposed artworks and objects, but also the special projects which are realized specifically for the website”.

From Maurizio Cattelan scarves to Migration Moving Blanket exhibit by Rob Pruitt, the project proves how stylists and brands are getting closer to the art world, which in this way becomes universally accessible. “All this has always existed” said Beatrice Trussardi. She explained how fashion and art are “two aesthetic forms that have always been stimulated each other through mutual exchanges”. But something is changing, the exchange is increasingly hybrid: “The artist wants to confront himself with the audience, which can allow him to get a collaboration in the fashion world. Instead, the fashion designer wants to feel like an artist. Pharrel Williams and Virgil Abloh, for example, are a well-rounded artists.”