Art is a means of understanding the emergencies of the world: Beatrice Trussardi talks about herself in an interview with Corriere della Sera

Beatrice Trussardi

“I let art talks about me, through the projects of Fondazione Nicola Trussardi, my father’s name, because he was the one who passed down to me this passion”. Beatrice Trussardi opened the drawer of memories during the Corriere della Sera interview. She started from Fondazione Nicola Trussardi which is the core of her professional and artistic career: “A nomadic museum without a fixed headquarters” designed to bring art to many places of Milan, citizens and their daily lives.

The Foundation reinvented itself in 2003 and it was the consequence of an intuition which has proved to be successful: “it’s a model of public-private collaboration that could be replicated elsewhere in Italy. This is my call to the institutions: there are private investors and foundations. Let them bring art to the people, arranging new spaces, as in the case of Milan”.

Several projects have been developed in 16 years: “We are working on a new one for miart 2019: from 2 to 14 April, Fondazione Nicola Trussardi will exhibit “A Friend”, an installation conceived for the two tollgates of Porta Venezia in Milan and realized by the artist Ibrahim Mahama, under Massimiliano Gioni’s artistic direction”. Following “The Restless Earth” exhibit on migrations and refugee crisis, the tensions of our time are once again depicted through the art, “a means of understanding the emergencies of the world”. This also includes “Migration Moving Blanket” exhibit by Robb Pruit, the special project for Yoox inspired by the theme of forced migration.

As a new member of the Advisory Council of Tent Partnership for Refugees together with the Chairmen of Coca Cola and Fondazione Ikea, Beatrice Trussardi stresses its value: “Tent seeks to find solutions for refugees, involving them in companies and multinationals. Generali and Barilla have done it in Italy”. However, the cultural entrepreneur is also engaged in another battle: the women empowerment and their recognition in the art world. “There is no woman comparing in 2018 list of top five contemporary artists by curriculum and quotations. The issue of pay gap is still a current problem. Furthermore, many women emerged later just for not obscuring their partner. There’s more attention after the Metoo movement. It’s a starting point.”

Beatrice Trussardi also talked about climate change. Everyone must make their own contribution to fight it: ‘We do not realize that we are living on the brink of precipice. We no longer use plastic bottle in our homes, just canteens that children fill up with tap water. In addition, we have an electric car in the garage”.