Beatrice Trussardi’s interview with Arte magazine

beatrice trussardi

Contemporary is not just a time horizon, but it’s also an opportunity to think about the world around us. In an interview published in the February edition of the Italian monthly magazine Arte, Beatrice Trussardi explains the concept of awareness that has always been a source of inspiration in her professional life. This emerges in the projects of the Fondazione Trussardi, but also in those she has realized in cooperation with YOOX for the management of Design+Art section on the e-commerce platform. The latest proposal, to which Arte magazine has dedicated a feature article, is a collection of forty unique, limited-edition blankets realized by Rob Pruitt (Washington, 1964).

This special project is called “Migration Moving Blanket”. “On the one hand, Pruitt evokes the language of the African-American slaves who left coded messages in quilts that aided them escaping. On the other hand, the artist, represented by Massimo De Carlo’s Gallery in Italy, draws on animal migration patterns: geese flying to Canada. This is a current story” Beatrice Trussardi said. The artist refers to the last American elections. In particular, he focuses on a declaration of Hilary Clinton’s voters: “If Trump wins, we’ll move to Canada”. The cultural entrepreneur says: “Nowadays, not everybody crossed USA borders, but surely many of them are reflecting on what it means to build a wall and separate the two countries”.

Migration is one of the important themes of the Fondazione: “We don’t want to speak the languages of politics, but the aim of The Restless Earth, stories and works by immigrant artists exhibit was to establish a sort of empathy and closeness to this kind of reality. We’re so anesthetized that we don’t notice what’s really happening. Whether we like it or not, we are all immigrants”. However, nomadism has always been of primary importance for the Fondazione since 2003. This is the time Beatrice Trussardi decided to give it an itinerant connotation, marking a significant turning point in the turnaround of the institution: “We never meant to create an exhibition for the usual group of people. We wanted to have a broader public. That’s why we chose historical places of Milan, trying to revitalize them with the support of contemporary artists”.

The new model is the result of the successful intuition of the cultural entrepreneur: “This is what Rob Pruitt suggests, working in a particular place as Yoox. We are online, we speak the cultured language of fashion, music, design, but even when we are shopping, we are involved in society, as Andy Warhol taught us half a century ago”.