Beatrice Trussardi talks about her life in an interview with Casa Living Korea

beatrice trussardi

“Home means being with people I care about, my family and friends, and people with whom I share my projects. But most of all, home is my inner space. It is a place to regenerate myself”. Beatrice Trussardi opens the doors of her Milan apartment to the prestigious international Casa Living Korea magazine. In the interview, the cultural entrepreneur talks about her professional commitments and her passions. Art is a constant in her life: “I grew up in a family and in a stimulating environment completely surrounded by art and artists”.

Beatrice Trussardi began her studies at the New York University. She has gained important experiences in different museums such as the Guggenheim, the Metropolitan and the Museum of Modern Art. Once back in Italy, Fondazione Nicola Trussardi allowed her to launch a new way of exploiting art, which she has spread in suggestive and less known places of Milan. The aim is to make art accessible to everyone: “if the public does not move toward the art, then art will move towards the public”. The entrepreneur considers this to be “the closest way to artists because of the Foundation’s resources that are always at the service of their ideas. Furthermore, this modus operandi gives her a more contemporary and fluid identity”.

The cultural entrepreneur’s home is filled with artworks: “Every object or artwork tells me its own story, inspiring my thoughts and decisions: this is the reason why I need to be surrounded by symbolic objects in my private home and in my working space”. From her apartment it is possible to see: “the whole skyline of Milan and a 360-degree horizon”. “I have a symbiotic and osmotic relationship with my home. I always feel inspired, which is why I need to keep renewing it, following my inner rhythm”, explains Beatrice Trussardi to the magazine. Her favorite space is the living room with its windows facing the park, but she loves the dining room too “for its strange shape that requires a special interior layout: the most iconic object is a large oval table which I frequently use to organize intimate dinners with my friends”. Three adjectives which best describe her house are: “soberly elegant, (in Giò Ponti style) lively and bright”. It’s an ideal place to relax, think, create and plan the future of Fondazione Trussardi. Beatrice Trussardi is already working on the next initiatives: “We are working on a site-specific project during Miart and Salone del Mobile scheduled for April 2019”.